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The SLR 200N provides:

  • A low cost method of monitoring the position, speed and heading of other vessels within VHF range.
  • The ability to plot the progress, changes in heading and speed of other vessels on the screen of a PC.
  • A vessels name, call sign and MMSI number to call up the target vessel on a DSC radio and ascertain their intentions.

Be aware be safe at sea
SLR 200N

The solution for use on a LAN

The SLR 200N is a dual channel IP addressable Ethernet AIS Receiver, designed specifically for the larger vessel or for shore side monitoring. It enables boats sailing in busy shipping lanes or shore side monitoring stations to receive AIS ( Automatic Identification System ) information being transmitted from Class A transponders, as fitted to vessels over 300 tons, and non-mandatory Class B transponders.

  • Connected to a PC or Router, via the industry standard RJ45 connector.
    • Can be pointed at a specified IP address.
    • Can operate without connection to a computer.
  • AIS data can be shared on a local network or accessed from a remote location.
  • Connect to a PC and display name, position, course and speed of vessels within VHF range.
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SLR 200N
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